Information on our Magnetic Wall


Magnetic Wall is special plaster material, that makes it possible to magnetize almost any surface. Using this 100% original Hungarian invention anyone can secure blueprints, posters, picture frames, decoration, magnetic accessories, small and even bigger objects with neodymium magnets. There is no more drilling, nailing, gluing to the wall. The possibilities of applications are limited only by the imagination!

A multi award winning product, that shapes the future of decoration!

Magnetic wall is a result of several years of development. Our efforts and aspirations were acknowledged by professionally and by the public as well.

Bronze Award winner of 2005 Geneva Innovations World Championship

The product has also won several other national and international awards, that we are very proud of. These are the guarantee of quality.

“There is a magnet in our heart, that attracts true friends.
This magnet means selflessness, favoring others…
when you learn how to live for others, then they will live for you.”
Paramahansa YOGANANDA

Address 1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 10.
Phone +36302053535

1. What is Magnetic Wall exactly?

The Magnetic wall is a special, magnetizable plaster made of secret ingredients. Using this 100% Hungarian invention anyone can secure neodymium magnets or magnetic sheets on the wall. Combining the magnets with various materials we can place picture frames, toys, game boards (dart and chess boards),various objects, wall lights, flowerpots, even spice holders with ease. No more drilling, nailing, gluing, extreme fast and easy repositioning of objects.

2. How much Magnetic Wall is needed for 1 square meters of surface?

Magnetic wall was designed so, that only 1 kg of it will be needed for 1 square meter of Q4 quality walls. You can check the quality of the wall by a ruler or level, if the wall has uneven surface of more than 0,5 mm in any direction it can not be considered a Q4 quality. Therefore more magnetic plaster will be needed, depending on the quality of surface, it could be 1,5 kg for 1 square meter or more.

If you are unsure about the quality of your wall, you can let our colleagues implement your Magnetic wall. In case you order the implementation from us, we will charge on 1 kg for each square meters, even if the surface is not Q4 quality. Furthermore, in this case you will receive two years of warranty for the finished product.

3. How much weight Magnetic Wall can hold?

The weight the Magnetic wall can hold is greatly depends on the object and the number of magnets used. Using two layers of magnetic plaster, it easily can hold an 200-250 gr IKEA spice holder, but you can secure bigger picture frames when the right neodymium magnets are used. Using more layers it is possible to secure a 2kg iron, and we have also installed a remote controlled football table on a ceiling and a 4 kg picture frame as well. If you have an idea, ask our colleagues, they will help you decide if it can be secured on the Magnetic wall.

4. Where the Magnetic Wall can be used?

The Magnetic Wall can be used in numerous places, the limit is only your imagination. Please find here some examples of possible use.

Interior/home decor – Easy and simple to implement, variable spaces, decoration, colors

Picture framing – Shop and display decoration, variable shop spaces, information and decoration surfaces.

Education – Creative demonstration, modeling and playful education from preschools to universities.

Storage – Small equipment, tools, tool-racks, holders secured on the wall.

Public information – Schools, government offices, public spaces, offices, public transport, interactive displays

Office – new ways to create work spaces, placing phones, displays, hiding cables, creating new interactive displays and new applications of existing equipment

Window treatment – New ways of securing lightweight curtain and blind systems, remote controlled shades and dividers

Lighting – armed-, magnetic based- and spot-lights, securing light tubes, tanning lights, decor lights and also hiding cables

Leisure time – puzzle games, home improvement, placing space consuming toys – such as model railways – on walls or the ceiling

Set dressing – all areas of decoration where the scenery changes regularly, the wall and ceiling decoration needs to be rearranged, colored, where nails, screws, gluing was previously necessary.

5. Is there health risks in using Magnetic Wall?

Customer responses show, some people get confused after hearing about magnets. The word and its variations, along with electricity and force fields are causing confusion in the public.
The magnetic table used in schools is not magnetic, but still called magnetic table, because it uses magnets to secure various educational tools and elements on it.

The Magnetic Wall is uses the same principle, it is not a magnet, but magnetizable. Therefore the Magnetic Wall has no health risks and is not dangerous. It can be implemented in children rooms and elderly homes as well.

There is only one thing to be cautious about, and it is the use of magnets, especially around pace-makers (heart rate regulators). This has nothing to do with the Magnetic Wall system, it is a well known warning found in the user manuals for pace-maker equipment.

6. Where and how the Magnetic Wall was tested?

The Magnetic Wall currently available in market is the result of 6 years of continuous development. We have tested it on several thousand square meters of surfaces, also have made laboratory tests for shelf life, in various environments, packaging sizes and temperatures.

Naturally the Magnetic Wall is officially tested and all permits and certificates are available to download on our website.

We trust our product so much, we offer a two years warranty on all Magnetic Wall installations that were made by our team.

The Magnetic Wall currently is only available through our web-shop, but it is possible to pickup orders by appointment in our central showroom in Budapest.

You can place your order easily and quickly, 24 hours a day in our web-shop.
Should you have any question, we are available to answer them from Monday to Saturday between 8AM to 6PM on the following phone number: +36 30 205 3535

Magnetic wall central office
Doboz BAR – 1072 Budapest, Klauzál u. 10.
Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, at the first floor of Doboz Bar. Please make an appointment to view our test wall or to pick up your order.
Please make note, parking in this area is not free.

Pick-up points for orders
We have two locations where customers can pick up orders. Products are only available after orders are confirmed and by appointment only. We do not keep quantities, there is no products available for purchase.

Pick up point in Zuglo – XIV. district
1144. Budapest, Ond vezér útja 17/c ground level

Pick up point in the City – V. district
1052 Budapest, Semmelweis utca 8.

Exclusive distributor of magnetizable plaster:
MagnetWallCorp Ltd.
1054 Budapest, Honvéd utca 8.

Magnetic plaster manufacturer:
Mágnesfal Kft. (manufacturing only, no sales)
2011 Budakalász, Kovács Lajos utca 20.